Savant® adds WhyReboot® to Excellence in A/V Cooperative Program

Savant Systems LLC, having delivered the first Apple®-based home automation and commercial control system, has announced the addition of WhyReboot to their EXCELLENCE IN A/V cooperative program. Savant’s EXCELLENCE IN A/V initiative has been targeted to achieve global compatibility between Savant’s control systems and a diverse group of best-in-class manufacturers from the audio, video, lighting control, HVAC, and security industries, as well as devices and subsystems from many related markets.

South Florida-based WhyReboot specializes in commercial grade networks for home automation systems, providing pre-configured network hardware custom designed for each unique application. Typically, installers provide floor diagrams and stipulate their network requirements and whyreboot supplies a robust solution that is tested and ready for installation. “Our whole mission at WhyReboot is to work with home automation installers, improving efficiency and product performance based upon our commercial grade network solutions,” commented WhyReboot principal Bjorn Jensen, who founded his company in August, 2010. WhyReboot maintains customers domestically and internationally, providing support and after-sell service as needed for their products. “We anticipate working closely with Savant and their installers and we appreciate the opportunity to deliver our network solutions to premium clients,” Jensen added.

Participation in Savant’s EXCELLENCE IN A/V cooperative program will facilitate the seamless integration of WhyReboot devices within the Savant system environment. “WhyReboot has demonstrated the capacity to add value for our installers and end users because they are singularly focused on network solutions,” stated Savant’s Director of Business Development Bob Ross.” A robust network that is secure, manages traffic efficiently, and provides ample security is critical to the functionality of Savant products in any environment,” Ross added.

The core of Savant’s technology is an open programmable platform built upon the Mac OS X operating system supporting various communication protocols and offering high speed A/V switching, scaling and processing.

Savant’s EXCELLENCE IN A/V program will open new doors for participating manufacturers seeking to expand their business in a rapidly growing industry.

Interested manufacturers can find out more about the EXCELLENCE IN A/V program by communicating via email to Bob Ross at

About Savant: Savant was founded by a core group of technology pioneers with hundreds of years of combined real-world experience in peripheral applications such as programmable systems, digital signal processing, telephony, switching systems, video processing, and home electronics integration. Savant’s products, technologies and applications define the future of control, communication, media, and audio/video management. By combining a reliable and maintenance friendly open platform with advanced user interfaces, Savant has distinguished itself as the leader in residential and commercial control and automation systems.

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