It is a pleasure working with WhyReboot

Being the Ruckus Wireless Systems Engineer for Enterprise business in the state of Florida I deal with a lot of systems integrators. WhyReboot stands out amongst their peers because of the amount of professionalism that they put forth throughout the entire sales, installation and support process. WhyReboot, and Bjorn in particular, ALWAYS goes the extra mile for the customer. Bjorn even shows up to help with the pre-sales wireless site survey and even carries the tripod throughout the customer’s facilities. A great wireless network starts with a very strong wired network and here again WhyReboot is very strong with Layers 1 – 7 in the OSI model. Without this knowledge base a wireless network will either not live up to its potential, or even worse it will overwhelm the wired network. Please don’t take my word though, give WhyReboot the opportunity to show you themselves!