Founder of WhyReboot

Bjørn Jensen with his wife and two boys.

I founded WhyReboot in October of 2010 as a subsidiary of Esoteric Networks, LLC. My passion for the technology industry started at a very early age when I started tinkering with computer animation on my home Amiga computer. Eventually, during high school at Ransom Everglades (after classes), I would assist the animation professor in teaching the classes at Miami Dade Community College in return for the use of their more powerful machines. During university at Florida State University and working on a business degree, I continued my love for all things digital and learned as much as I could by taking computer courses alongside my other required courses. I have always been an “early adopter” and try to get my hands on just about any gadget I can. I regularly hack my phones, AppleTV, XBox, or just about anything else to unlock additional features just to see what it can do and I’m an avid beta tester for many companies including Cisco Systems and Microsoft.  I also enjoy inventing or designing new innovative products from time to time.  My favorite invention was the most efficient and fault tolerant hard drive switcher available (until the advent of SATA drives).

Bjørn Jensen Receives CEDIA Volunteer of the Year

Bjørn receiving the CEDIA Associate Volunteer of the Year Award

Since university I’ve moved up the ranks of each company I’ve worked for working on everything from corporate server systems, corporate networks, to large residential home automation systems. Each time, learning as much as I could and applying that cumulative knowledge to the next task, I kept the idea of starting my own technology company in the back of my mind. I wasn’t quite sure what it would be but I knew that as soon as I thought of it I would know it was right. That’s when I saw the home automation world merge with the corporate networking world.

The world of IP had started to take over every aspect of the home automation industry. In fact, virtually every new device that comes to market today has an Ethernet port or some kind of Ethernet connectivity. I figured who better to help integrators that aren’t quite ready for this change than somebody who has worked in the corporate world on systems that require high performance and reliability? My experience working as the IT Director of a leading local home automation company (and Platinum Crestron Dealer) for four years helped me marry the two worlds of corporate networking and home automation so that each system we sell is tailored specifically for the home while using the standards and practices that SMB’s and Enterprises count on to keep their businesses running 24/7.

Electronic Security Association Leadership Summit

Bjørn speaking at the 2013 ESA Leadership Summit

2013 CE Pro Blog Mob at CEDIA 2013: Jeremy Burkhardt, Bjørn Jensen, Steve Greenblatt, Julie Jacobson, Petro Shimonishi, Joe Whitaker (not pictured: David Haddad, Mac Burks, Richard Fregosa)

2013 CE Pro Blog Mob at CEDIA 2013: Jeremy Burkhardt, Bjørn Jensen, Steve Greenblatt, Julie Jacobson, Petro Shimonishi, Joe Whitaker (not pictured: David Haddad, Mac Burks, Richard Fregosa)

Because of my love for this industry I have become actively involved as a Subject Matter Expert for CEDIA’s advanced networking courses, trying to give back some knowledge to our community and bring the network foundation to the next level.  I’m also relatively active in the blogging community being an inaugural member of the CEPro Blog Mob and a contributor to both the CEPro website and the print magazine.

I love what I do and I love the people that I get to work with. Even though we are a small company we offer service unlike any other. It is BECAUSE we are small that we can give such attention to detail and personal support to our clients.  Leveraging our close ties with our partners, we are able to lean on their support engineers and expansive pool of knowledge to augment our own skills and take our systems to the next level.  I’m proud of this company, proud of our clients, and proud of everything we do, together, to make our industry one of the most enjoyable to work in throughout the world.