WhyReboot offers the best network home automation services in South Florida, and the world.

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Wireless Networks
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OUR COMPANY SPECIALIZES in creating commercial-grade networks that address the demands of advanced control and automation technologies in connected residential, commercial, and luxury marine environments.  We design custom plug and play network systems tailored specifically for each and every project we encounter.  We provide support on our systems like no other, literally giving you end to end, white glove service and configuration changes from the moment your system is delivered to a full year after.

Our end goal with every single job is to find the most cost effective way to deliver a system that will surpass your expectations, while keeping a very low TCO (total cost of ownership) for the end user.  These systems have to work, and they have to work well 24/7.  It’s our business to make this happen, leaving you free to deal with more important issues.  As far as the network goes, we’ve got you covered.

Our systems are comprised of some of the best gear in the industry.  Each component of our networks has been hand picked for reliability, performance and cost effectiveness.  We only partner with the best in the industry, check out our partners.  While you’re at it, check out our testimonials page too.  See what others think about WhyReboot!

  • What people say….

    Expert Knowledge and Outstanding Service


    Based on my experience, I can recommend WhyReboot without reservation.

    We are thrilled to welcome WhyReboot

    We are thrilled to welcome WhyReboot to our list of premium HTSA Vendor Members

    WhyReboot = Why Try Anyone Else? #1 Networking Tech Company in South Florida and Beyond

    WhyReboot always operates with a sense of urgency and unmatched service. I couldn’t be more satisfied with both the service and the equipment we’ve received.

    Daniel Kaufman

    True professional

    WhyReboot Home Automation Networks

    “Everyone in the industry knows and trusts Bjorn to help them create the most robust and secure networks for residential and commercial clients alike.”

    I can’t recommend WhyReboot enough.

    “Every project I do will have Bjorn’s network installed. I can’t recommend WhyReboot enough.”

    WhyReboot is simply amazing!

    WhyReboot is simply amazing!

    Networks That Work

    Atlantic Companies

    We could not ask for a better partner.

  • Some of what we do…

    • Secure Remote Access from ANYWHERE
    • High Security Networks
    • Protect Your Children
    • Lightning Fast Network Performance
    • Design & Documentation Included
    • White Glove Service (We OWN Your Network)
    • Tailor Made for Smarthome Systems


Without a solid and reliable network, any system that depends on it will eventually fail.  More and more devices are coming online at an alarming rate.  Is your network ready?

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