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Competitive Advantages
Cumulus 6

Our new Cumulus6 program offers the latest in RUCKUS Wi-Fi 6 technology

Our Cumulus6 package includes both cloud access & analytics

Cloud & Analytics

Subscription - 1, 3 or 5 year
Cumulus Advantages
The Industry Award Winning Cumulus6 package

gives you these advantages

Cloud Controller Based System
There is nothing to fail, so unlike when a ZD fails the whole network is down, that doesn’t happen here.

Drop Shipped Access Points
from anywhere and as soon as they arrive and are plugged into a network they’ll automatically configure and be ready to go. This means product and systems can reach partners in record time and your client can even plug it in and maintain social distancing protocols.
Easy to Access Mobile App
Allows partners to log in from anywhere to diagnose issues or make changes, should they decide they’d like to do it themselves without our assistance.

License not Renewed?
Unlike other providers, the APs will continue to function as normal, they just won’t have access to make changes or view analytics.

License Flexibility
The licenses are not tied to anything but the site. So you can upgrade APs or swap them out and not lose the license.

Reporting & Analytics
allows quick resolution to problems and the ability to head off problems before they arise. The machine-learning analytics system tells you, in plain English, where the problem is and how to fix it. No more vague error messages or hunting to find an issue.
Advanced Replacement
Includes next business day advanced replacement of all licensed indoor APs.

Defective Unit?
If a unit fails or has problems, you can spin up a brand new unit, give us the serial number, and it’ll automatically self-configure and join the network.
Best Reseller Pricing Available
WhyReboot’s extensive industry certifications and partnerships provide the best reseller pricing available.
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