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This helps us determine the processing power needs of your network security appliance (firewall/router). Once security services are enabled the device requires extra resources that tend to slow the unit down and thus requires a more costly unit. We ask this to ensure we can keep your client secure while providing the speed they are expecting.
IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Scanning all packets going in and out of a network at high speeds requires a lot of horsepower, so the faster your internet connection, the more costly the appliance will be in order to provide security.
Will you be requiring switching? *
Please contact us regarding your switching requirement.
In cases like this there are numerous reasons why a phone conversation is necessary. Thank you for understanding. Please call 877-307-0052 option 2.
If you want us to hide them, if possible please mark up your floor plans to show us where you want them. If not we'll determine the best locations based on the heat map.
If you are not going to be implementing a WhyReboot wireless network then this is most likely unnecessary. Most of the time this is requested so that we can create a wireless heat map of the property to determine the exact placement and expected signal/performance of the wireless network. This is also an excellent selling tool to give to a potential client.
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Placed in order of performance from low to high.
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Mesh allows an access point to act as both a wireless bridge and a repeater. This is to be used in a last resort where coverage, or a cable, is needed but a wire back to the switch is impossible.
The more information we receive the more accurate the proposal for the system will be. Things to include would be structure type, special requests, problems getting wires where they need to be, etc.
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