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WhyReboot = Why Try Anyone Else? #1 Networking Tech Company in South Florida and Beyond…

I have been pleased to experience first hand WhyReboot’s professional service for over 3 years utilizing them for my business and residence. They are responsible for the incredible WiFi up time and performance experienced on a daily basis throughout my 78,000 sq. ft. warehouse and executive offices as well as at my residence. WhyReboot always operates with a sense of urgency and unmatched service. I couldn’t be more satisfied with both the service and the equipment we’ve received. Thank you for your time and impeccable service.

Daniel Kaufman

TheHighest Level of Service You Can Find…

WhyReboot has consistently been able to meet our client’s needs In today’s ever-changing world of Smart Homes and Home Automation systems. Bjørn’s knowledge of networks, attention to detail, and lightning-quick response times enable us to continuously provide the highest level of service to our clients.

Jaret Nichols

We Are Thrilled to Welcome WhyReboot…

The network is the heart of the connected home; there is no questioning the importance of being able to design, install and service a robust home network solution. With WhyReboot, our members will be given the tools needed to truly succeed at owning the network. We are thrilled to welcome WhyReboot to our list of premium HTSA Vendor Members as this partnership provides the foundation for a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Bob Hana

Expert Knowledge and Outstanding Service…


We contracted WhyReboot for a critical wireless project that involved our agency and three other outside entities. They took the time to evaluate and understand the project, worked well with all parties and completed the project on time. The setup was done correctly on the first try and the system was tested properly. Based on my experience, I can recommend WhyReboot without reservation.

Henry Espinosa

Networks That Work…

Atlantic Companies

After working with many companies that claim to be network and wireless experts, we have finally found a company that delivers what they claim. Working closely with Bjørn, we have as a whole company become a better network provider to our high-end clients. The customer service that is provided by Bjorn is second to none. If we have any issues he is immediately solving it. We could not ask for a better partner.

Anthony Rucci

The Best There Is In The World of Wi-Fi

Bjørn Jensen is without a doubt the best in his field. I have worked with many so-called “experts” in Wi-Fi and networking. Bjørn stands alone as the best in his field, highly responsive and fully educated in the subject matter. Combine this with an innate talent and extensive experience and you have Bjørn. Wi-Fi and networking can be complex and challenging but Bjørn can handle it all. I highly recommend him for all my projects.

David Frangioni

It Is a Pleasure Working With Whyreboot…

Being the Ruckus Wireless Systems Engineer for Enterprise business in the state of Florida I deal with a lot of systems integrators. WhyReboot stands out amongst their peers because of the amount of professionalism that they put forth throughout the entire sales, installation and support process. WhyReboot, and Bjørn in particular, ALWAYS goes the extra mile for the customer. Bjørn even shows up to help with the pre-sales wireless site survey and even carries the tripod throughout the customer’s facilities. A great wireless network starts with a very strong wired network and here again WhyReboot is very strong with Layers 1 – 7 in the OSI model. Without this knowledge base a wireless network will either not live up to its potential, or even worse it will overwhelm the wired network. Please don’t take my word though, give WhyReboot the opportunity to show you themselves!

Dan LaMay

True Professional…

WhyReboot Home Automation Networks

Bjorn is a much more powerful figure in the professional home networking and audio/video realm than his quiet demeanor suggests. His involvement in CEDIA — the industry association for home systems integrators — has been critical in driving the standards for robust home networks, a category that has for too long been overlooked by CEDIA installers. He is always quick to advise his peers (and the press!) on all matters of networking, from security to QoS to all of those other things I’ll never understand. Everyone in the industry knows and trusts Bjorn to help them create the most robust and secure networks for residential and commercial clients alike.

Julie Jacobson

Where Would We Be…

High Performance Wireless Networks

WhyReboot and Bjorn has helped us become reinvigorated with the AV and Home Electronics industry. As most products are moving to an IP platform for communication and control, we now have a go to resource for all things IP. This means that we can concentrate on our core competencies all while feeling confident that the networks we implement in client’s homes can stand the test of time.

Chima Gale

I Am in Awe…

Crestron Partner Loves WhyReboot

“As the senior client facing network engineer for Crestron Electronics, I have had the pleasure of working with Bjørn for several years now. I remember coming away from our first interaction thinking Bjørn was the most network savvy dealer I had ever worked with and he continues to grow. That I work with hundreds of our dealers every year, this was and is impressive. Bjorn has since started his own company servicing the networking needs of dealers that acknowledge the need for superior network services to support their high end AV installations. I am in awe of Bjorn’s ability to anticipate industry needs and have a solution available. Bjorn and his team build stable network systems that save the end client thousands of dollars in dealer troubleshooting cost and frustration by doing it right the first time.  I recommend that dealers engage Bjorn to enhance their profitability and client retention.  I recommend that end clients engage Bjorn to turn their computer networks into utilities they can utilize dependably.”

Stephen M. Baker

We Cannot Speak Highly Enough…

“We cannot speak highly enough of Bjørn Jensen and his WhyReboot company. Over the years we have worked with dozens of “IT experts”, and therein lies the problem. Bjørn is the first IT specialist we have worked with who has been able to instantly troubleshoot, diagnose and fix our computer systems.   That plain.  That simple. Although the fact is, the first time he visited our store he came to discuss some commercial projects in relation to IT along with other related projects.  Our internal IT problems were a side issue that he swiftly and willingly dealt with, which makes him and his company unique in the IT field.”

Stan Beran

I Was Very Impressed…

“I have recommended Bjørn and WhyReboot to colleagues working on high-end home management systems. I would do so again with full confidence!  I was very impressed with the creativity of his designs as well as his dedication to ensuring that he provided efficient, cost effective implementations that were “user friendly”.”

Rudy Koehle

WhyReboot Brings a Much Needed Level of Professionalism…

“WhyReboot brings a much needed level of professionalism and expertise to the custom electronics industry.  As most manufacturers move their technology to IP communication, having an expert IT professional on your team is a must.”

Ron Callis

I Can’t Recommend WhyReboot Enough…

“My experience with WhyReboot’s Bjorn Jensen was simply outstanding. Bjorn came onsite during construction, in his standard blue blazer, to determine the best locations for the access points, brought the actual equipment to test signal strength and made his recommendations. He delivered on-time the equipment and the documentation with the location of every device on the network so that my tech simply plugged in the cables from Bjorn’s plans. When some changes needed to be made on the fly, Bjorn was on it immediately. When we fired up the system, everything came online smoothly. Bottom line, Bjorn is professional, knowledgeable, available, responsive and will make you look great to your customer. Every project I do will have Bjorn’s network installed. I can’t recommend WhyReboot enough.”

Richard Berrie

We’ve Finally Had Reliable Wireless…

WhyReboot Smarthome Wireless Networks

“Since WhyReboot did our wireless network we’ve finally had reliable wireless throughout our house!”

Reggie Wayne

Truly Delivers the Promise…

Audio-One WhyReboot partner networking

“Under Promise and Over Delivery – this very common phrase had a new meaning since I met Bjørn. When I first started working with him, I didn’t understand why he does not promise “things” that we are accustomed to have promised to us on a daily basis in Miami – i.e. – “I will take care of this tomorrow first thing” – but as we know – that tomorrow never comes in Miami—- After a few months with Bjørn, we realize that he is truly committed to “Under Promise and Over Delivery”.  It’s a pleasant surprise to work with someone who truly delivers the promise every-time, on-time.”

Morshed Shahid

The Customer is Always Happy…

“When encountered with a problem [Bjørn] will see it through and make sure the customer is always happy.”

Miguel Lopez

Expertise and Reliability…

“You and your staff at WhyReboot have proven to be a valuable asset in our tool belt.  As our installations get more IT and network intensive we are relieved to have WhyReboot at our side to ensure successful installations.  Relying on your expertise and reliability to keep our customers networks and systems running and up to date has been a huge benefit for us.  Not to mention the 24/7 support and on weekends too.  Thanks again.”

David Holiday

valuable asset to our industry…

“We have worked with Bjørn Jensen of WhyReboot in the past and his extreme knowledge and professionalism has made him a valuable asset to our industry.  We plan on recommending his services again.”

David DeSimone

our first call for network support…

“WhyReboot is our first call for network support. Bjørn’s extensive knowledge of control systems enables him to solve problems in hours instead of days. He delivers results on time and on budget. I would recommend him to anyone serious about networking.”

Chris Massey

singularly focused on network solutions…

Savant and WhyReboot High Performance Networks

“WhyReboot has demonstrated the capacity to add value for our installers and end users because they are singularly focused on network solutions.”

Bob Ross