Router Limits helps your customers manage screen time, customize content filters, and review a permanent browsing history…from anywhere. Router Limits Pro helps you by offering:

Though WhyReboot has always offered top of the line content filtering and security features for your clients we have never had a way to empower your users to control many of these features themselves.  Most users cannot navigate a complex, business grade firewall and why would they? They need something easy to use, something they can understand and manage without the need to turn to you for help. That’s why we partnered with Router Limits to give them the ability to make these changes themselves and to provide you with additional recurring monthly revenue at the same time. It’s a win for everyone and it’s as simple as plugging the Router Limits Mini into your existing network!

Families and small businesses across America have been begging for the Router Limits functionality. To discover how this easy-to-implement system will absolutely delight your new and existing customers, visit their product and homeowner facing website at Then come back here and register to immediately start making more money!