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  • SonicWALL | Why do we choose them as our trusted security and internet gateway partner?

    SonicWALL has been leading the industry by creating cost effective enterprise grade gateway appliances for over a decade.  With a laser focus on security, SonicWALL is our choice to protect your data, your children, and your smarthome.  On top of providing amazing security solutions to protect your network, SonicWALL allows us to offer secure remote access from any device, anywhere in the world, with the greatest of ease.  This way you never have to worry about somebody hacking into your home, turning off the alarm, or watching you through your camera system (creepy).  SonicWALL remote access encrypts all traffic between your mobile device or computer and the home you’re trying to access so that nobody can intercept it and use it against you.  The features inside give us the ability to manage the network efficiently and visualize problems to a degree that aids troubleshooting and cuts down on costs.

  • In 2014 Dell SonicWALL is recognized as a Leader in Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Unified Threat Management (UTM)

    What does that mean?

    Gartner defines the UTM market as multifunction network security products used by small or midsize businesses(SMBs). In our case, enterprise grade smarthome networks! UTM’s are routers packed with tons of security features which work well in a home where you don’t need to buy additional devices to secure your system.

    Dell SonicWALL is positioned in the leaders quadrant of the 2014 Magic Quadrant for Unified Threat Management. That means they are one of the best in the industry for keeping your network safe and reliable at an affordable price.


  • What can it do for you?

        • Keeps Your Data Safe
        • Protects You from Hackers
        • Safe Browsing Protects Children
        • Secure Remote Access from Anywhere
        • Reliable, Commercial Grade
        • Visualization and Advanced Troubleshooting

    More technical features:

        • VLAN
        • Content Filter
        • Intrusion Prevention
        • Gateway Anti-virus
        • Gateway Anti-spyware
        • Failover/Load Balanced Internet Connectivity
        • Automatic Failover/High Availability
        • Reassembly Free Deep Packet Inspection
        • Application Visualization
  • 76
    In 2013, 76% of data breaches were due to weak or stolen passwords.
  • 40
    In 40% of the cases, the attackers installed malicious software on the victim’s systems.
  • 42
    42% of children aged 8-14 surveyed said they had seen online pornography in a recent 12 month span.