switches_3Ruckus Networks | Why do we choose them as the network backbone and superhighway of our systems?

Ruckus Networks, formerly Brocade, is the new leader in network switching.  Reliable switches are critical to the automated home’s infrastructure and speed of devices. Again, we’ve chosen best-in-class switches from world-renowned partner Ruckus for amazing network
performance. With these modular products, we can create any kind of  network you require that can operate at any speed you need. These switches connect devices and allow traffic to move
behind the scenes quickly while you simply access the data and services you want, and they are
highly flexible to meet your needs for today – and tomorrow.

  • Ruckus ICX Switches | Advanced Stacking

  • What’s so great about Ruckus Networks?

    • Fast, best-in-class, patented network switches
    • Ability to build any network and speed required
    • Leading in price for performance
    • Meet key compliance and security requirements
    • Future-proof, highly scalable solutions