What makes us different than our competitors?

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We offer LIFETIME warranty on all our indoor gear provided it’s not end of life
    (EOL) from the manufacturer.

  • Next Business day Advanced Replacement

    Next business day advanced replacement of all indoor gear for a full year after purchase. If the contract is extended you continue to  receive that service.

  • White Glove Support

    24/7 365 White Glove Support, including holidays!!! Our support is freaky fast. Don’t believe us? Just ask one of our many satisfied partners!

  • FREE Configuration Changes

    FREE Configuration changes for a full year, then continued if the contract is renewed. We don’t charge extra for VLANs, multiple WAN connections, or ANYTHING else. If it can be configured, it’s free.

    Secure and Granular Remote Access

    Secure and Granular Remote Access for homeowners, programmers, and technicians with the ability to shut off accounts that propagate to every firewall managed, in case someone leaves the company or should no longer have access. This ensures the security of the site without the need to manually log into each account to purge stale accounts.

    We;re the good guys!

    We’re also the good guys! We’re friendly, courteous, and helpful. We want to be an extension of your IT department.

  • FREE Predictive Analysis

    FREE Predictive Analysis! We will take your floor plans and run them through Ekahau to give you a graphical sales tool in the form of a heat map to show the end user where the access points will be going, and why they are needed. We do hundreds a week for the largest home builder in the US and have an expert, dedicated team just for this.

    We will work with part of your network

    We will work with part of your network, or the entire thing. Unlike our competitors we will not force you to use all of our gear. Should you find a small switch strapped to the back of a TV during a retrofit we will work with you to incorporate that into our system if you cannot go back to the end user with a change order. Though we would prefer to use our gear for everything, we understand sometimes these things happen.

  • Bibliotek Portal Access

    Bibliotek Portal access to all documentation, passwords, etc. If a technician leaves the company, we can easily shut off their account and they no longer have access. Our technicians immediately update every change made to the portal for easy access. If you decide you no longer wish to use our services we will gladly hand over all of your information, configuration files, passwords, etc. Unlike our competitors, we don’t want you to be beholden to us. If you want to leave, we failed you somehow and don’t deserve your business. It’s YOUR network anyway.

    We have authored and co-authored

    We have authored and co-authored 3 of CEDIA’s Advanced Networking courses, the certification exams, and the Advanced Residential Electronic Systems Book now taught at colleges across the country. Our founder is an inaugural member of the CEDIA IT Task Force. Our technicians are certified experts and our partnerships give us access to a wealth of knowledge and resources.