WhyReboot wins 2022 Quest for Quality Awards Winners: Top CE Manufacturers Best Technical Support!!!

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CE Pro’s 12th annual Quest for Quality Awards recognizes manufacturers and distributors that best managed logistics and service needs of integrators last year.


There clearly has never been a more challenging year for manufacturers than 2021. The immediate factory shutdowns in 2020 from the pandemic were followed by an unexpected bounce back of high demand that caught everyone by surprise. It created a snowball effect of massive supply shortages, component price hikes and skyrocketing shipping costs that still persist today.

So for the 12th annual CE Pro Quest for Quality Awards, in addition to gauging which suppliers offered superior customer service, tech support, warranty administration, shipping policies, marketing assistance and more, we posed an open-ended question to the industry about which manufacturers responded the best to the colossal supply chain crisis.

The responses were quite telling, ranging from the good, the bad and the ugly to the hilarious. Integrators could not wait to share their praises and frustrations in this year’s survey, which garnered a record 15,444 individual write-in votes.


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