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WhyReboot Designed & Engineered the Network for Le Palais Royal!

Little did we know a few years ago when asked to design and engineer a network for a palatial estate in Hillsboro Beach, FL that it would end up being the most expensive real estate listing in the country, Le Palais Royal.  The listing is going for a whopping $139 million and knowing the tech […]

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How Apple’s Bonjour Networking Standard Affects Installs

Apple devices have become a major part of anything done on the network today, whether it’s for home or for business. Most businesses, however, do not normally incorporate Apple networking devices into their offerings, aside from the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) sort of products like iPhones and tablets. Unlike in a home where things […]

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Understanding ihiji ConnectNinja: Hands on with Network Management Tool

One of the best new features of a product was announced at CEDIA Expo 2013 this year and, in my opinion, has not yet received the credit it deserves. As everybody knows, the network is the core of the systems our industry deploys today and many integrators are looking for ways to access their networks […]

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