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WhyReboot wins 2022 Quest for Quality Awards: Category Kudos for Best Software Support!

CE Pro readers recognize services from manufacturers in narrow categories of equipment in the Category Kudos portion of the 2022 Quest for Quality Awards. When you are a smaller company, it’s not easy to stand out sometimes. But this year’s winners of the 12th annual CE Pro Quest for Quality Awards in the Category Kudos classification definitely […]

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WhyReboot wins 2022 Quest for Quality Awards Winners: Top CE Manufacturers Best Technical Support!!!

CE Pro’s 12th annual Quest for Quality Awards recognizes manufacturers and distributors that best managed logistics and service needs of integrators last year.   There clearly has never been a more challenging year for manufacturers than 2021. The immediate factory shutdowns in 2020 from the pandemic were followed by an unexpected bounce back of high […]

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Netflix vs. VPNs: What Integrators Should Know About Network Security

Netflix wants to quash users who try to game the system with proxy services. But law-abiding clients who disable VPNs in order to watch Netflix could jeopardize their network security. Bjørn Jensen · February 19, 2016 My favorite client sent me an Engadget article the other day about Netflix and its war against VPNs. Netflix has begun […]

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Unsecured smart home systems leave homeowners, enterprises vulnerable

by Joel Griffin Created: August 26, 2014 This article originally appeared at SecurityInfowatch.com The proliferation of connected home devices has opened up a wealth of opportunities for alarm dealers who can offer customers the ability to remotely access and control things, such as lights and thermostats, by integrating them into their home security system. For […]

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How Apple’s Bonjour Networking Standard Affects Installs

Apple devices have become a major part of anything done on the network today, whether it’s for home or for business. Most businesses, however, do not normally incorporate Apple networking devices into their offerings, aside from the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) sort of products like iPhones and tablets. Unlike in a home where things […]

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How to Protect Clients from Home Automation Hacker Bots

CNN recently published a sensational piece about “Shodan: The scariest search engine on the Internet.” Unlike search engines like Google that scour the Internet for Websites, Shodan scours the Internet for IP addresses – that is, anything attached to anything that connects with the Web. That means the search engine doesn’t just discover your home […]

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Home Automation: Why Is My Network So Expensive?

Today Ethernet networks have become ubiquitous, becoming the foundation of just about every kind of home automation system imaginable.  Almost every new device that comes to market today has the ability to connect to the network whether wired or wireless.  It is the most efficient way to share data whether between two devices in the […]

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Blog Mobster Bjorn Jensen: 6 Most Exciting Products at CEDIA Expo

As CEDIA Expo 2012 came to an end, I decided to prepare a short round-up of what I saw as new and exciting to our industry. There were so many products shown this year, it’s hard to focus on only a few; I managed narrow it down to just these six. 1. Savant SmartView Tiling […]

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