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How to Keep the Kids from Hacking OpenDNS Parental Controls

Bjørn Jensen · December 21, 2016 For quite some time now we have been offering content filtering with our pre-configured network solutions. In fact, we have some of the most robust ways to do this but when you take it to a higher level it is very intrusive for a homeowner, forcing them to install […]

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How I Cut the Cord with Media Center, Good Antenna, HD Tuner

The hubbub surrounding Windows Media Center has all but died down since its heyday five years ago, but the product continues to make sense for cord cutters like me, thanks especially to some great peripherals including hardware and software. The latest piece of hardware that improves my own Media Center experience is the new Clearstream […]

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Samsung Series 9 touchpad issue RESOLVED!

*****Final Update***** So it seems that Samsung has been plagued with more issues related to the touchpad and many commenters have related it to something having to do with the power connection.  Apparently when the AC adapter is plugged in the touchpad goes wacky.  When unplugged it works fine.  The solution has been to purchase […]

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