Top 30 Technology Innovations: SSI

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A pat on our own back for winning the Security Sales & Integration top 30 Technology Innovations. We’re both very proud and humbled.

The Paramount access point mount by WhyReboot may appear to be just another tech installation accessory yet the impact it has on design and room aesthetics is profound.

Luxury homes owners need comprehensive network and Wi-Fi coverage in their residences and designers were fraught with the idea of having access points mounted on ceilings or walls. WhyReboot spoke with many integrators about this problem and developed Paramount, an “invisible” in-ceiling or in-wall universal access point mount.

Small design details were addressed in development such as using rare-earth magnets to secure the cover in place while maintaining a smooth surface. Paramount creates a safe and secure environment in all conditions – even for unstable installations such as yachts. And rough-in brackets are available to simplify the installation.

Screen Innovations, a luxury screen and shade manufacturer, uses Paramount with its LinkPro Z wireless mesh controller for its shades and screens as Paramount meets the discerning aesthetic preferences of its end-users.

Designer benefits from using Paramount include the ability to paint the cover to match any décor, hidden access points and wires, and its simple installation greatly reduces the need for extra wall finish repairs. Clients will appreciate the unique design that minimizes attenuation for optimal signal transmission meaning they will be delighted with stronger Wi-Fi signals.

Paramount is the only product of its kind on the market and it makes a huge aesthetic difference in any connected design. Its benefits to the end-user, integrator and designer make it an award-worthy solution when designing larger spaces.

To learn more, https://accesspointmount.com/

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