Day: September 10, 2012

Blog Mobster Bjorn Jensen: 6 Most Exciting Products at CEDIA Expo

As CEDIA Expo 2012 came to an end, I decided to prepare a short round-up of what I saw as new and exciting to our industry. There were so many products shown this year, it’s hard to focus on only a few; I managed narrow it down to just these six. 1. Savant SmartView Tiling […]

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Savant Wows with SmartView Tiling for Video Walls

If you had a chance to swing by the Future Tech Pavilion, powered by my arch-nemesis Access Networks (Like Biggie and Tupac we have an East Coast/West Coast thing going), you saw the Savant Systems’ SmartView app in all its glory. What would normally take hours and hours of programming, Savant — best known for […]

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