Savant Wows with SmartView Tiling for Video Walls

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If you had a chance to swing by the Future Tech Pavilion, powered by my arch-nemesis Access Networks (Like Biggie and Tupac we have an East Coast/West Coast thing going), you saw the Savant Systems’ SmartView app in all its glory.

What would normally take hours and hours of programming, Savant — best known for its Apple-based home automation systems — has made tiling and video-wall management super-simple to implement.

Leveraging the use of Apple’s iOS, Savant has made a highly intuitive interface for managing multi-window videos on a single TV display or up to nine different displays.

I can only imagine what those guys with the NFL Ticket would do if they saw this in action, not to mention the stereotypical redneck with a TV on top of a TV.

Of course, the best part is not just that this allows you to watch multiple videos simultaneously, it’s how you’re able to manage those videos onscreen.

Using pinch-to-zoom gestures, drag-and-drop and other Apple-inspired niceties, you can switch up to 24 HD sources in up to nine windows in multiple configurations.

Think of the programming alone that it would normally take to achieve this feat.

Speaking of programming, they don’t just make it possible to move video around the screen, the SmartView is also Smartlisten (© WhyReboot), because they made it just as easy to switch audio when choosing what you want to watch and/or listen to as well.

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Simply double-tap on a video to play the associated audio.

This is so intuitive that a two-year-old or even my parents can use it.

I’m wishing at this moment I had taken some video of this with the official CE Pro Blog Mob Lumix ZS1 camera donated by Panasonic.

Savant SmartView
Savant’s new multi-window video processing technology, seamlessly ties true HDMI video and audio sources together for an unmatched display presentation.

Features Include:
• Switch up to 24 HD sources between up to 9 windows in various 1080p display configurations.
• Switch both video and audio in a single chassis using both HDMI inputs and output ports.
• Intuitive user interfaces automatically configured to various window layouts using Savant’s award-winning Blueprint technology suite.
• Integrated A/V switching for easy audio selection.

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